Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Die letzten Helden

One of the projects that has kept me busy the past year is the German radio play series Die letzten Helden. Radio plays (German: Hörspiel), for those of you who don't know, are a more sophisticated version of audiobooks, using a cast of voice actors supplemented by music and sound effects to tell the story. This particular project is a rather ambitious one, with over 40 hours of audio material and 300+ voice actors.

I was hired to do the cover illustrations and concept art. You can see some of my work below.

The first six episodes (out of 24) will be released in 2010 and can be ordered on Amazon.de or directly from the official homepage, where you can also listen to some audio snippets. If you enjoy epic fantasy stories and speak German, be sure to give Die letzten Helden a try -- the production values are phenomenal!


  1. Looks amazing, Niko! I've missed your artwork so much. :)


  2. Good God, Niko, these are fantastic. I'll never stop being astonished at your coloring, much less the fantastic subdued hues you choose and how they all work together.