Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Legendary Green Land

One of the projects Clay and I have been working on for a pretty long time now is Green: A Terra Verde Lendária. I think it has been years since we first announced the project -- an illustrated novella, possibly to be serialized online before we release the print edition -- and we're both very excited about being able to finally dedicate some time to it (as a matter of fact, Clay finished the first draft of the story a while ago, and is very close to completing the second draft).

There have been a lot of revisions since then, mostly on the art side. I was never quite content with the style. The original illustrations were done in a painted sketchy style which looked decent enough, but it didn't seem to click with the story. Even with monochromatic palettes, it didn't convey the harsh and depressing atmosphere of the world that these characters live in.

We decided to take a much more graphic approach after that: Solid black inks, some greyscale flats, and painted backgrounds. Unfortunately I was never able to pull that one off properly. The art ended up looking very stiff and the whole setting appeared fake due to the conflicting styles. I eventually grew frustrated with it and decided to shelve the whole project until I would be able to solve that dilemma.

Which just happens to be today!

It will still be a while before I can set aside some serious time to work on the actual illustrations for the book, but that doesn't seem to matter anymore. It'll work out, even it it's going to take a while. For the first time since we started working on this story does everything feel right to me.
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