Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fantasy Realms on WOWIO

Clay and I decided to start offering high resolution PDFs of our fantasy comic Fantasy Realms at

Here is what the official site has to say:

WOWIO is a new kind of online bookstore that enables readers to download ebooks for free, using commercial sponsorships to compensate authors and publishers. Readers get free ebooks. Sponsors get a powerful new channel to communicate their message to precisely the people they want to reach. Publishers get a new means of distributing their books, expanding their readership, and monetizing their intellectual property.

You can download issues of Fantasy Realms, featuring pages at much higher quality and resolution than what you see on the official homepage -- all for free once you sign up. You will be supporting the comic, too, since we get paid a small commission for every download. Unfortunately user registration is limited to U.S. residents at the current time.

P.S. Our arrangement with WOWIO will have no effect whatsoever on our website. All of the content will remain in our archive, and you can still find new pages every Monday.


  1. Ooooh~ that's fantastic! I've been a member for a while already anyway. :D

  2. Your work is beautiful. And the coloring is absolutely magnificent.

  3. >> Lauren
    Your work is beautiful. And the coloring is absolutely magnificent.

    Thanks so much for the kind words, Lauren! I admire your work a lot, so the compliment is extra squishy coming from you. :D