Monday, July 23, 2007

You Were There

I haven't really posted any new art for a while now. I'm mostly preoccupied with freelance work these days, but I decided to take off a couple of hours and do some personal doodles today.

My friend Hai and I agreed to do a rendition of the two main characters from ICO almost one year ago. He finished his picture on the same day, and I kept procrastinating. I always wanted to do this huge, magnificent illustration -- my attempt to do this wonderful game justice. Realizing it would probably never happen that way, I made a compromise with myself: I'll do a quick drawing of Ico and Yorda now, with the option to do a full painting later!

I experimented a bit with the sketchy lines, a more cartoony style (similar to the one I used in my The Secret Garden picture), and Photoshop's painting tools. It was very relaxing not having to worry about clean inks and polishing the colors. I should do more rough pictures like this!
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