Friday, October 27, 2006

The Secret Garden

My friend Clay suggested I should get my hands on The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgon Burnett after he started to read it, saying it seemed like "just my kind of story." I was a bit hesitant at first -- I had only seen two movie adaptions and neither one had impressed me -- but eventually gave in to his prodding. So I went shopping at Amazon. And fell prey to their "People who bought this book also bought..." schemes! I ended up ordering a dozen (fortunately pretty cheap) books. All these classics you know everything about but never actually read...well, at least I never read them. Titles such as Peter Pan, Moby-Dick, The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and so on. At any rate, The Secret Garden was a great recommendation as it turned out, I enjoyed the book thoroughly; I even finished it before he did! I fell in love with the characters. So much that I felt compelled to do my own interpretation of Mary, Dickon, and Colin:

I wanted to go for a more storybook kind of look, but in the end they turned out looking a little like tiny dolls. Especially Colin looks so fragile. One nudge and he'll shatter! If you don't know the story and like charming little fairy tales, let me pass Clay's recommendation on: Go and read The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgon Burnett!


  1. 1oooooooo hundren times sooooo cute love the pic