Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Naming Conventions

I started a collection of random titles to be used as inspiration for new illustrations. The idea is to draw or paint my personal interpretation of the names that strike a chord with me. Anybody want to donate some?

The one I started my list with is "You and I and Months of Snow."


  1. i'm all about the collection of names/titles/so forth.

    i actually go through my junk mail every once in a while, and copy/paste epic or strange sounding names of supposed 'senders' - works great for random character designs.

    as for donating a title.. the only thing going through my head at the moment is "bury my shell at wounded knee." from turtles in time.. totally random, but it's gotta be worth something. heh..

  2. Kevin, that whole junk mail idea is a pretty interesting approach! I never thought of that, but now that you mentioned it, they often do have some pretty unique names.

    Thanks for your title suggestion.

  3. Garrett BJune 26, 2009

    Let's see how about "Voices Far Distant". Not exactly grammitically correct but I like the ring of it.

    Or "Many Waters cannot quench love, and neither can floods drown it."

  4. I often find that I take this approach as well, starting with a name, and then a visual, rather than the other way around.

    The spam mail idea is a great one, though I usually find the interesting lines in the body of the mail, and not the senders. :/

    How about, "1000 paper towels could not help you"

  5. I try to do the same thing as well! It's really an interesting and fun approach to coming up with new material. Lately I've been trying to draw while listening to music. I would listen to the same track a few times, and maybe even just pick out a specific part of it, and draw somthing reflecting the "vibe" you get from it!

    Anyway here's my 2 cents!
    "You gave me love; I just can't get enough."

  6. Thanks for all the suggestions! I've been receiving some really nice titles.

  7. "Believe in things you cannot see."
    "A wish of ravens."
    "Into unnamed places."
    "Somebody else's idea of justice."
    "When first I felt the pain."
    "A odd head of hair holds the moon."

    That what you mean?

  8. I'm going to take a different angle on this and suggest some song titles from some of my favorite games.

    "Battle Hymn of the Soul" (Alt: Battle For Everyone's Souls)
    "Mass Destruction"
    "Reach Out For The Truth"
    "I'll Face Myself"
    "Astaroth ~ Battle With The Fallen Angel"
    "Vicious 1915"
    "Aria of the Soul"
    "Inherent Will"
    "Battle For Survival"
    "Let's Climb That Hill!"
    "Egg of the Universe"
    "Dream of Butterfly"
    "A Lone Prayer"
    "Awakening Legend"
    "An Approaching Crisis"
    "The Path Is Open"
    "Someday the Dream Will End"
    "Master of Shadow"
    "Protecting My Devotion"
    "Messenger of Darkness"
    "Rose of May"

    And an off topic suggestion... Have you ever considered doing interpretations of the Tarot? Maybe that will be good fodder. For example, you could take the Death card (which means both death and rebirth), and draw something based off that meaning. The Emperor is a powerful father figure. Et cetera.

  9. This is a great idea! There are just some of those phrases that stick in your head, and think of what a shame it'd be to never use them.

    Brazen Towers
    The Seventh Legion
    A Darkened Stand of Trees
    Blood of the Gods
    Duel of the Sun and Moon