Monday, April 20, 2009


I've been neglecting my blog, mainly for the lack of personal artwork I have completed over the past months. But that's going to change! You will be seeing updates here a lot more frequently, and not just of the doodle department.

Speaking of updates, my good friend Clay is producing a revised edition of his OVA Role-Playing Game; expanded rules, extra content, all-new artwork! If you're a fan of the system or just curious about RPGs with an anime flavor, make sure to follow his production blog. He'll be regularly posting snippets of the new book, including new illustrations of mine that you won't be seeing anywhere else.


  1. Troy DruckenmillerApril 22, 2009

    Definitely love coming here and seeing news like this. Check it everyday hoping there is a new post. Hope to see a bunch in the near future!

  2. Troy: Glad to hear it! Although I think daily updates would be a tad too ambitous for me at the moment. I think one illustration a week sounds like a good idea.

    And if you like my anime-styled stuff, be sure to check Clay's new OVA blog as well!

  3. Troy DruckenmillerApril 23, 2009

    Yeah, that would be a bit too ambitious for most people. I just like to give it a check just in case. It's one of like 8 websites I check daily, and has been for multiple years.

    Looking forward to the updates.