Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Star Crossing

More speedpaint experimentation. I'm not used to coloring somebody else's line art, so this one took over 2 hours to paint, but I think I got the process streamlined now and will be able to cut it down to about an hour next time. Inks by Honoel, colors by me.


  1. Uah~ Your colors are amazing~ *_*

    Do you tend to work on a single layer or multiple layers when doing speed paintings?

  2. Audra: I try to minimize layer usage when going for speed, but it depends... I tend to put objects that clash with the background in separate layers and then merge them down. For characters, I generally prefer keeping each layer intact.

  3. Wow great work again. Colors really help add and extra dimension.

  4. WOAAA
    You rule, dude!

    (jaja, solo hablo español y muuuy poco de inglés)
    ehem... I speak spanish and very little english

  5. so nice
    gret work,man!

  6. Awesome. what soft? Painter? Photoshop? Open Canvas?