Monday, May 14, 2007

Le Petit Prince

I decided to start using my DeviantART account again and figured I'd upload an ID picture this time around. Between considering a self portrait or even a photo and using a collage of existing art I had a spark of an idea and went right to the drawing board. An hour or two later I had combined two of my all-time favorites into one neat little package: The Little Prince and Zelda: Wind Waker!

Speaking of DeviantART, I also submitted most of my pictures as prints -- the ones I left online after a massive cleanup, that is. This means you can purchase high quality prints of my artwork now! They come in all kinds of sizes, ranging from 4x6 inches to 20x30. Take a look!

Oh, and psst: Rumor has it that Fantasy Realms might be seeing an update this Monday!


  1. i like this one. it's the best version of saint-exupery's the little prince drawing.

  2. Gund your Petit prince version with Link's face and I must say, I loved it! Hope you get back soon to your blog ;)